Role list
Module access control

Click to choose module and action or write the path directly and click

You can use * wildcard to allow/deny multiple modules.

Ex: content/* will apply for all content modules like post and page add/edit, menu categories etc

To deny saving for content modules use content/*/save this rule will apply for save actions for content modules, and editing and adding posts/pages/categories etc will be denied.

To deny delete for all modules use */delete this rule will apply for delete actions for all modules.

Allow list is checked first then the deny list, if a rule allows access a deny rule can limit it.

For example you can add access to products section with products/* and only restrict product categories and delete with products/*/delete and product/categories deny rules.

With plugins/* you can restrict or allow access to plugins section and all plugins settings.

With plugins/insert-scripts you can restrict or allow access only to a specific plugin.

Allow list

Deny list